Factory Equipment You Never Knew Were a part of CNC Machining

Factory Equipment You Never Knew Were a part of CNC Machining

Computer Numerical Control, or CNC machining, is a popular production process involving pre-programmed computer software, which controls the movements of different factory equipment in a pre-determined manner. No doubt, many complex pieces of machinery are used in many factories. The pre-programmed software can easily control the movements of these machines, ranging from grinders to mills.

What Do You Mean By CNC Machining?

Upon activation of the CNC system in a factory, the software specialist programs the required production pattern into the software. These pre-programmed machine movements are dictated to the related equipment within the factory. As a result, the machines perform the dimensional tasks specified by the software, like robots.

When discussing a CNC machining service, the code generator within the software considers several assumptions. One of the most crucial assumptions is that all the equipment in a factory is flawless. However, this may only be true sometimes, especially when a CNC machine is expected to cut in multiple directions simultaneously.

Different Kinds of CNC Machines

The first computer numerical control machine dates back to the 1940s. It was an era when motors were introduced to control the different movements of factory equipment. With time, technology advanced, and this gave birth to more sophisticated and advanced equipment and computers. This rapid advancement resulted in CNC machines.


A lathe machine is a popular piece of equipment used in many factories. These machines rotate an object around an axis of rotation to perform different functions, including sanding, drilling, facing, cutting, and knurling. Simultaneously, you can implement suitable tools to create objects with the workpiece. Due to CNC technology, lathes can carry out their tasks with high velocity and precision.

Water Jet Cutters

As the name denotes, water jets help cut hard materials like metal and granite. This industrial tool carries out the cutting job using a high-pressure water jet. An abrasive substance is sometimes mixed with water to cut through rigid materials. CNC technology helps determine when to alter the water jet force and how much. It also specifies where the water jet needs to aim at a given material.

Milling Machines

The milling machines are also unique equipment used in various factories to perform different functions. You can identify a milling device by its ability to steadily hold a given material while rotating cutting tools around it. In addition, these machines can quickly produce different shapes, including peripheral and face-milled features.


CNC pieces of machinery can implement different components and tools simultaneously. Thus, the possibility of producing various types of goods precisely and without wasting much time increases manifold.

Apart from those mentioned above, you can use many other pieces of equipments within the CNC system. These include cylindrical grinders, foam cutters, glass cutters, wood routers, and laser cutters. All you need to remember is to program the machine with the correct code for the tools to work correctly, accurately, and quickly. Although everything is performed by computers and devices, a bit of human intervention is still necessary to ensure everything on smoothly.