Personalized glass and plastic bottle printing

Personalized glass and plastic bottle printing

The bottles are containers that are used to hold water or any other drinks. Nowadays, it is not safe to consume water from outside. In this way, carrying a water bottle along proves very helpful. Water bottles are highly in demand all over the world and they will never run out of date.

It would not be wrong if it is said that carrying a water bottle with a beautiful design printed on it, is a craze among people, especially for kids and girls. To fulfill this fondness, digital technology has made it quite easy to design and customized printing on the bottle.

What is bottle screen printing?

Screen printing is the frequently used technique for bottle printing. This procedure for bottle printing is carried out by applying thermal plastic ink directly onto the packaging with the help of a screen. The printer applies the customized print design to the label. The ink is pumped through the mash openings that produce the desired print on the bottle.

Ideas about bottle printing

Many printing services help you to get the bottle in your desired prints with the help of bottle printing machines at affordable rates. Bottle printing machines are widely used in glass and plastic bottle printing industries and personalized water bottle businesses. These printing machines print 360-degree artwork on the bottles without any defects.

There are endless ideas that can be designed on water bottles. All you need is to select the design you want to print on your bottle and give a customization order to a personalized bottle printing dealer. There are countless ideas available for bottle printing. The most trendy printing designs are;

  • Custom with name or logo
  • Any text
  • Quotations
  • Pictures
  • Art patterns

Useful features of bottle printing

Bottle printing is a trendy and efficient way to customize your bottle according to your desire. Bottle printing is a sustainable option and holds distinctive features. Some of its features are listed below;

Waterproof printing

Bottle printing on glass bottles is 100% waterproof. Bottle printing machines also use waterproof prints that design permanently on the bottles.

Versatility of designs

You could choose your desired ideas from a wide range of designs and colors which you want to be printed on your bottle.

Permanent labels

The labels are designed directly on bottles with waterproof ink that ensures permanent label printing on the bottles.

Aesthetically beautiful

Printed bottles are everyone’s favorite. They draw the attention of everyone to their beautifully designed patterns.

Cost effective

Bottle printing is very cost-effective. There are many bottle printing services that offer customization in affordable ranges.

Bottom Line

Bottle printing machines carry out smooth printing on bottles without any tonal variations in the printed designs. Many companies are selling bottle printing machines in an affordable range. These are the right tool you need to purchase if you are looking to start a bottle printing business. Bottle printing is a lasting trend all over the world.