What kinds of content can you find on Youku?

What kinds of content can you find on Youku?

One of the most famous online video and streaming carrier systems in China is known as Youku; it is a subsidiary of the Alibaba organization. When Youku was first released in 2003, it focused closely on person-generated content. Contrary to YouTube, which is forbidden in China, Youku later moved its emphasis to professionally made movies that have been acquired from more than 1,500 content material companions.

The Big Apple inventory trade listed Youku on December 8, 2010. One of China's largest video websites, regarded at the time as youku.tv Video was created in 2012 when Youku and Tudou, one of the most important online video corporations in China, introduced their merger. With 580 million lively monthly customers as of the maximum recent update in 2019, Youku was bought by means of institution in 2015.

Content Categories

Certainly one of China's top online video streaming offerings, Youku presents a great sort of content in a variety of genres. Here are a number of the important thing classes of content to be had on Youku in more depth as of my latest information replaced in September 2021:


Youku provides a massive library of movies, which includes home and foreign productions. Users can choose from an extensive range of genres, including humor, romance, and drama as well as action. At the same time as some films may be regarded without cost, a few would possibly want to be rented or sold.

TV programs and Variety of Shows

Famous Chinese dramas, reality suggests, variety shows and other suggestions are all to be had on Youku. The platform gives streaming access to a massive range of Chinese-language television suggestions, a number of which can be most effective to be had on Youku.

Youku offers a large selection of range suggestions that are appropriate for viewers of all ages and pastimes. Communicate suggestions, skills contests, game shows, and movie star interviews are frequently featured on those applications.

Documentaries & Cartoons

Youku offers a large type of documentaries on topics that include data, traditions, surroundings, and historical eras. Those films have the potential to be charming and instructive. An expansion of lively amusement is available on Youku for viewers of every age. This incorporates animated movies and television suggests from each China and different international locations.

User-Generated Content & Original Content:

Youku lets users publish their own films, just like YouTube does. As a result, a wide form of consumer-generated content is produced, consisting of tutorials, song covers, vlogs, and more. Those creative works need to attract visitors and subscribers with their exclusive and superb content.

Games and Events

Youku gives sports content, along with highlights, evaluation, and live-carrying activities. This offers coverage of a spread of sports activities, which include basketball, football, and more. On Youku, you can discover a selection of tune videos and live performance recordings from both Chinese and foreign musicians. Track fans have a considerable variety of musical genres to pick out from.

Educational Content

For all of us wishing to advance our language competencies, whether we're mastering Chinese or some other language, Youku includes publications and motion pictures on the concern. On a number of educational subjects, inclusive of arithmetic, physics, facts, literature, and more, academic DVDs are offered. Those tutorials often cope with students in a range of age organizations.

Fashion and Way of Life

The latest trends in clothing, add-ons, and fashion layouts are showcased at the fashion shows that Youku hosts. Those exhibitions regularly feature collections from both famous and up-and-coming designers. In these movies, influencers and specialists within the area of beauty regularly impart their knowledge.

News and Current Affairs

Youku may air news declares and segments from one-of-a-kind news retailers that cover a ramification of topics, together with politics, the economic system, social troubles, and more. The well-timed updates on present-day occasions are provided with the aid of those reports. Investigative journalism, sleuthing out tremendous memories, and probing difficult subjects can be the principal themes of Youku documentaries.


Youku, which is owned by way of has grown to be a vast player in the online entertainment marketplace. While this summary gives a widespread evaluation of the Youku app, it's vital to remember the fact that since my previous update in September 2021, the platform's functions and content may have changed. Download the Youku app from the app shop in your tool to get an entire expertise of the platform and its functions.