What Makes Platform Shoes Stand Apart

What Makes Platform Shoes Stand Apart

Do you want to get familiar with platform shoes and struggle to know more about them? Don’t worry, in this article, you will find everything you need to know about platform shoes. These shoes are usually higher than an everyday shoe, with a few inches of the platform added to the sole throughout the width and length.

Platform shoes are pieces of footwear that include a very thick sole, made by various types of material like wooden sheets, plastic, or cork, which make the walk smoother. The platform is embedded with multiple designs, from irregular to flat. This will allow you to use them on uneven or flat soils.

These shoes run best with a medium-to-wide foot and leave room for your toes to splay about comfortably. The ankle straps can be adjusted for the perfect fit. Platform Shoes come in several types, including wedge, separate block, and stilettos.

Wedge: Wedge platform shoes are a type of shoes that have wedge shape platform.

Separate block: These are platform shoes with a gape or spacer between the toe and heel side of the sole.

Stiletto Heel: A type of Platform shoe in which the toe is equipped with less height than the heel. Another difference concerning other types is the use of pencil heels.


Platform Shoes come in a variety of sizes. The sizes vary in America and the united kingdom. Some of the significant specifications associated with platform shoes are given in the table below:

Sr. No Product Name Us Size Euro Size Centimeter Inches
1 Platform Shoes 5 35 22.5 9.44
2 5.5 36 23 9.64
3 6.5 37 23.5 9.84
4 7.5 38 24 10.03
5 8 39 24.5 10.23
6 9 40 25 10.43
7 9.5 41 25.5 10.63
8 10 42 26 10.83
9 10.5 43 26.5 11.02
10 11 44 27 11.22

Benefits Of Platform Shoes

This type of shoe offers you several benefits. The primary benefits are as follows:

  • Platform shoes increase the sole thickness and help balance an uneven stride. So, anyone can quickly put on these shoes in a short time.
  • These shoes eliminate any foot pain, including bunion, hammertoe deformity, or Morton’s neuroma.
  • Platform shoes can add a distinct look to any outfit. Platform shoes are a unique and edgy way to dress up your look.
  • They are available in many colors and sizes and fabrics and high-quality leather or vinyl, etc.
  • You can wear these shoes almost at any event, including formal or informal.
  • These shoes can withstand harsh and rough environmental conditions. Therefore, you will experience a longer life with this shoe.
  • Platform shoes make you enjoy up-to-date fashion.
  • You can use such shoes in almost every season from summer to winter or autumn to spring.

Final Verdict

Flaunt your freedom of movement with Platform Shoes. They offer all-day comfort, flexibility, and plenty of fashion flair with double-thick, soft cushioned soles, and built-in arch support. A unique selection of shoes adds one to eight inches to your height. These versatile high heel shoes are great for short people who want to feel taller and wear heels. Platform shoes will always be the tops. Lace-up these platform shoes to get some cool looks, and all eyes will be on you. Get an instant quote for your platform shoes. Select one of your choices depending on your needs and budget.